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Various — Cotton Nero A.x — coverPattie McCarthy - fifteen genre scenes - coverSam Lohmann — Unless As Stone Is — cover

Our first publications are now available!

fifteen genre scenes is a scribal edition of new poems by Pattie McCarthy—which is to say, each copy will be written out by hand.

Unless As Stone Is is a serial poem by Sam Lohmann that emerges from a long entanglement with a sestina by Dante.

Coming soon: Cotton Nero A.x has David Hadbawnik, Daniel C. Remein, Chris Piuma, and Lisa Ampleman retrace the four major poems of the ‘Pearl’ poet (“Sir Gawain and the Green Knight”, “Pearl”, “Cleanness”, and “Patience”).

Our books—except for scribal editions—are available in two formats: a printed book, or a downloadable PDF. The PDFs can be downloaded for free—or, better yet, for a donation. We are an imprint of punctum books, a non-profit independent press; a contribution of any size will help keep them—and us!—afloat. Please donate today.