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Call for proposals

We are proud to announce the launch of eth press, an imprint of punctum books. eth is a parascholarly poetry press interested in publishing innovative poetry that is inspired by, adapted from, or otherwise inhabited by medieval texts.

Most eth press books are published both as freely downloadable PDFs and as reasonably priced physical copies. We also plan to publish a few small run editions of books produced by (and exploiting the traditions of) scribal copying. We publish individual and collaborative chapbooks and full-length books as well as anthologies of works, and we also reissue relevant out-of-print works.


This is a call for proposals. Let us know if you have a text or translation you’re working on, something that is medievally inspired, and something that might appeal to our (somewhat nebulous) aesthetic tastes. We are interested in work that engages with medieval England, Europe, and beyond, and we are particularly interested in engagements with less canonical texts (that is, beyond Beowulf, the Canterbury Tales, or the Divine Comedy).

To give you a sense of where our aesthetics lie, here are some projects that we would have loved to have published:

Jack Spicer, The Holy Grail
Robert Duncan, Medieval Scenes
Thomas Meyer, Beowulf
Caroline Bergvall, Meddle English
David Larsen, Names of the Lion
Angela Carr, The Rose Concordance
Julian T. Brolaski, gowanus atropolis
Geraldine Monk, Escafeld Hangings
bpNichol, The Martyrology
Pattie McCarthy, bk of (h)rs

One of our first planned projects is an anthology of translations of the “minor” Anglo-Saxon poems. If you are interested in participating in that project, drop us a line.


We are also looking for contributions to kadar kali 10: “Off the Books” and to our online broadside series.


Please contact us with inquiries.

David Hadbawnik, Chris Piuma, Dan Remein, and Lisa Ampleman, eds.

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